Witnesses for Love AND Marriage

Events on May 11, 12 & 13

Rev_edited-1.jpgThe Witness for LOVE! campaign continues as local communities focus on the upcoming oral arguments on May 13 in the federal court of appeals in Richmond in Virginia's marriage equality cases. 

Sunday, May 11, 7 pm - Norfolk

New_Life_MCC.jpgGathering and prayer vigil in support of couple Timothy Bostic and Tony London and of couple Mary Townley and Carol Schall, who sued in the Eastern Virginia federal court in Norfolk for marriage equality, and for their attorneys and the judges of the Fourth Circuit  Court of Appeals in Richmond.

Monday, May 12, 12 noon - Winchester

Winchester__Frederick_County_Courthouse.jpgJoin us to celebrate Victoria Kidd and Christy Berghoff, Winchester neighbors and plaintiffs in the Western Virginia federal court case, as they prepare to join the other marriage equality plaintiffs in Richmond for oral arguments in the appeal of their case.


Monday, May 12, 2 pm - Christiansburg

Montgomery_County_Courthouse.JPGJoin POFEV, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the New River Valley, and interfaith friends and allies at the Montgomery County Courthouse to sing, celebrate, and deliver a special letter of love to the Montgomery County clerk of court—supporting all the plaintiffs in Richmond and all the couples seeking marriage in Montgomery County and across Virginia.

Monday, May 12, 2 pm - Harrisonburg

 Fed_Court_House_Harrisonburg.jpgWe'll join together at the federal court in support of couples Victoria Kidd & Christy Berghoff and Jessica Duff & Joanne Harris, who together sued in the Western Virginia federal court in Harrisonburg for marriage equality and in support of their attorneys.


Monday, May 12 & Tuesday, May 13


St.-Pauls-Episcopal-Church-Richmond-Virginia-Loth.jpgBe a part of history as the court hears oral arguments in the appeal of the Virginia marriage equality cases.  Do you remember that moment when you heard the federal district court's decision on February 13?  How it felt when Judge Wright-Allen declared that marriage was a fundamental right that could not be denied to same-sex couples?  Join us in celebrating that moment again and being a witness to the court of appeals in support of the district court's decision.  For more information, contact Rev. Robin Gorsline, robin.gorsline@pofev.org or see the Richmond Flyer.

6 p.m. - Music & Prayers (Singer/Songwriter Susan Greenbaum!)Susan_Greenbaum_guitarist.jpg

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church Courtyard
  • 815 E. Grace St. (@ 9th St.), Richmond, VA

7 pm - March

  • From St. Paul's Episcopal to Federal Court of Appeals at 1100 East Main St., Richmond, VA

U.S._Court_of_Appeals_4th_circuit.jpg7:30 pm to 8 am - All-Night Vigil

  • Lewis Powell Courthouse for the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals
  • 1100 East Main St., Richmond, VA

Tues, May 13, 8:00 am - Blessing the Couples and Praying for the Court and the Attorneys

  • Lewis Powell Courthouse for the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals
  • 1100 East Main St., Richmond, VA
  • POFEV especially asks that you be at the courthouse as close to 8:00 am as possible (plan to arrive at 7:45 a.m.), to join in blessing the couples and praying for the court and the lawyers as they begin to arrive. 

Tues., May 13, 8:00 am - 12 noon - Witness

Join POFEV and Equality Virginia to witness for love and marriage.

  • Lewis Powell Courthouse for the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals
  • 1100 East Main St., Richmond, VA
  • EV is hosting a check-in station at the Commonwealth Park Suites,
    901 Bank Street (entrance is on 9th street), opening at 8:00 am where you can sign in and pick up refreshments. More details here.