If You Can't Get to a Courthouse

Social Media Works for Equality

What Can I Do to Spread the Word about the Witness at the Courthouse,

and What Can I Do 

if I Can't Witness at the Courthouse? 

POFEV plans to have Social Media contact sheets at courthouses tomorrow so that those participating can use their phones to take pictures of themselves and others (with permission of course) and then do things: 

  • ​Post the pictures to Facebook and other social media you use, letting your friends know where you are and what you are doing
  • Post the pictures to the POFEV  page
  • AND Send the pictures to your Delegate and Senator, with a message about what you are doing. POFEV will have information you can use to email the pictures

And what if you are stuck at home? Do the same thing as above.

You can copy the Witness for LOVE!! logo or other equality symbol and use it as your profile picture for the day, and/or a picture of you and your spouse, and send a message and your picture to your legislators, maybe something like this. 

"I am standing up for love, I am standing for the truth that same-gender love, the love between two men or two women, is as rich and good and precious, in my sight and God's, as the love shared between a man and a woman." You can use this language or your own, but just be sure whatever you say is authentic to you.

To find your legislator, go to Richmond Sunlight and enter your address. Then click on your legislators' names.  Once on your legislator's page, look for the email address on the upper right hand side.