Hampton Roads

Where Are We Witnessing in Hampton Roads?

Witness for LOVE! events are being scheduled across Virginia.  You can see below information about both planned and past witnesses in Hampton Roads. Details about witnesses in other parts of the state can be found here.

We also have posted reports, photos, videos and news coverage about what communities have been doing at recent local Witnesses for LOVE! here.

February 14, 2014 Witnesses

Chesapeake: 2:00 pm, Chesapeake Courthouse, 307 Albemarle Drive.  Team Leader: Jim Whalen. Email here for info.

Newport News: 12 noon, Newport News Courthouse, 2500 Washington Avenue.  Team Leader: Rev. Andrew Millard.  Email here for info.

Norfolk: In deference to the press conference being held by the American Foundation for Equal Rights, counsel to the plaintiffs in the Bostic case, and to allow local people to attend that event, the Norfolk event is not being held. 

Virginia Beach: 3:30 p.m., Virginia Beach Courthouse, 2425 Nimmo Parkway.  Team Leader: Dr. Pamela Bro.  Email here for info.

Williamsburg & James City County: 12 noon, Williamsburg/James City County Courthouse, 5201 Monticello Avenue, Williamsburg.  Team Leader: Rev. Jennifer Ryu.  Email here for info.

We are planning more events in Hampton Roads.  If you are in Hampton Roads and don't see your location listed, please email us for more information!

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