Loudoun County

Faith Community Leads First Witness for LOVE! at Loudoun County Courthouse

Leesburg_Witness_-_Signs_for_Families_2014.03.20_JH_DSC00608.JPGOn March 20, 2014, fifty good folks gathered to Witness for LOVE! at the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg.  We testified, we sang, we blessed. It was a beautiful and joyful day. The sun shone, and there was no snow (unlike February 14 when the courthouse closed!).


But more to the point, our spirits shone, and Leesburg experienced, as Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael (below, with Rabbi Michael Ragozin) and the other organizers said, "a spring thaw" in this first-ever witness for marriage equality in this community. 

You can see more about this wonderful event in two news stories--from Leesburg Today and Metro Weekly--and enjoy pictures here of some of the local leaders and participants.

Leesburg_Witness_-_Rev._Phyllis_Hubbell_with_Rev._Daniel_Velez-Rivera_2014.03.20_JH_DSC00612.JPGAs is our custom and desire, we were an interfaith group--Christian, Jewish, Unitarian (others would have been welcome, too). And as Rev. Phyllis Hubbell (left, with Fr. Daniel Velez-Rivera) said, it is time for the change that is already underway in Virginia to move forward, and to do so faster (we also will have her inspiring remarks on out website soon). We all agreed that as we step up and speak up--in Leesburg, and in many other parts of Virginia--that is exactly what will happen.

Leesburg_Witness_-_Rev._Don_Prange_Blessing_Witness_Participant_2014.03.20_JH_DSC00605.JPGSo thank you, Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael, Rev. Phyllis Hubbell, Rabbi Michael Ragozin, Rev. Don Prange (right), Fr. Daniel Velez-Rivera, Kris Adams (below) who led us in song, and the many other clergy and laypeople who helped make the day a huge success. It was an honor to be in Leesburg, to see what a group of faithful people can do for justice!!