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POFEV regularly visits congregations to preach, participate in worship, and provide programs.  If you would like POFEV to visit your congregation, please let us know!  Contact Robin Gorsline at or our Contact Us link.

Williamsburg UU - Feb. 9, 2014

Photo: Williamsburg UU Banner

Sun. Feb. 9, 2014, 11:15 a.m.

Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists
3051 Ironbound Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 220-6830

Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline will be preaching on the topic “How Ready Are We for More Blessing?”

Using a Marge Piercy poem and the Christian gospel of Matthew, Rev. Gorsline explores what it means to be a blessing—giving, receiving, being. He will do this in the context of the work of POFEV: People of Faith for Equality in Virginia—getting Virginia ready for equality for LGBT people—and encouraging us to participate in a public Witness for Love on February 14 in Williamsburg.

For more information, visit the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists site here.

Commonwealth Baptist - Sept. 29, 2013

“Liberating Paul” and Us

Robin and Revs. Marty and Robin AndersonPOFEV President Robin Gorsline was the preacher recently at Commonwealth Baptist Church in Alexandria, as part of a sermon series, “Liberating Paul.” He was asked by the church’s co-pastors, Revs. Marty (left in picture) and Robin Anderson, to preach on Romans 1. This chapter contains one of the passages most often used by those who oppose LGBT equality.

In verses 26-27, the apostle speaks of “degrading passions,” women exchanging “unnatural” intercourse, and men, too, committing shameless acts with other men.

Robin asked that those verses be read and others surrounding them, but also the first half of chapter 2 as well. The reason for that, he explained, is that when we focus only on the two verses we lose sight of the context in which Paul was working.

“Paul was not focused on sexual morality in this passage at all,” Robin said, “because what was really at stake was the unity of the nascent community of new believers at Rome.  He was trying to get those who had been faithful Jews, who had observed Mosaic law, to sit side by side, in peace and love and prayer, with those who had been pagans, even those who had committed the very acts of which he speaks—and to get the pagans to do the same with those they judged from the historic faith. So, in chapter 1, he sets up a situation in which the religious faithful can judge the pagans, and then in chapter 2, he reminds the religious faithful, and everyone else, of how they cannot judge—they have their own sins. It is an old rhetorical technique, to lull your hearers into a sense of their own superiority and then lower the boom on their pretensions.”

Commonwealth Baptist Church Alexandria Va.jpgPaul’s point, Robin said, is “don’t’ judge,” because what is important is bringing all people together to experience and share the abundant and never-ending love and providence of God. And he reminded them that the work of POFEV is just that—bringing all Virginians together to respect and celebrate the incredible and beautiful diversity of our people, all of us God’s people.

The “sad irony” is, he said, that people misuse this passage to do exactly the opposite of Paul’s intent. And thus, Robin saluted the intent of the church’s co-pastors to “liberate Paul,” and to help us to be liberated from misinterpretations of this powerful figure in Christian history and theology.

Following the morning worship, members and friends gathered for “Common Grounds,” where they heard Robin speak more about the mission of POFEV, and several made commitments to be present at, and to help organize, the Witness for LOVE! on February 14.

Congregational Visits

POFEV President Rev. Dr. Robin H. Gorsline also has preached and participated in discussions at the following additional congregations.

Unitarian Universalists of Shenandoah Valley (Stephens City, VA), September 15, 2013

Metropolitan Community Church of Shenandoah Valley (Winchester, VA), September 15, 2013

Commonwealth Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA), September 29, 2013

Hope United Church of Christ (Alexandria, VA), October 20, 2013

MCC of the Blue Ridge (Roanoke, VA), January 6, 2014

Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists (Williamsburg, VA), February 9, 2014

Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Blacksburg, VA), May 4, 2014


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