Protecting Children

Uniting Families Through Adoption Rights (2014 SB 336)

POFEV supports SB 336, which would allow both parents in a same-sex couple to have full legal rights and responsibilities for their child.  In testimony before the General Assembly committee hearing SB 336, POFEV stated:

We are not creating new families here, and we’re not recognizing same-gender-loving marriage. But we are helping existing families, and their children. As a pastor, I know, I ministered to, families like this, and they are, like so many families, simply amazing in how they care for each other—but they need the assurance of long-term stability. Doesn’t every family? Doesn’t every child?"

Read POFEV's full statement at the General Assembly here.

Protecting Children from Reparative Therapy (2014 HB 1135)

POFEV supports HB 1135, which would protect children from undergoing "reparative therapy" to attempt to change a child's sexuality or gender identity.  In testimony before the General Assembly committee hearing HB 1135, POFEV made a strong statement equating forced "reparative therapy" to soul theft:

"[O]ur orientations, in sexuality and gender ... are expressions of our deepest yearnings, of our fundamental identity, of our personal, specific, and unique human natures. ... If someone seeks—against our will or in the case of youth without our informed consent or power to say “no”—to change that fundamental nature, they are engaged in soul theft."

Read POFEV's full statement before the General Assembly here.

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