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Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 7 pm
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington at the UU Congregation of Sterling with support from UU Sterling and Loudoun County area congregations. If you would like to be a co-sponsor, please contact us or call Mark Lorenz UUCS at 703-406-3068. UU Sterling, 22135 Davis Drive, Suite #104, Sterling, VA 20164.  Tickets available now by clicking here or on the GMCW logo to the left and following the directions on the landing page Proceeds support POFEV.

Would you like for POFEV to speak or be a part of a community or congregational event? Contact us at info@pofev.org or our Contact Us link. You also can call us at 703-599-7919.  Until then, please join us at these events! 

Clergy Lunches

We hold regular lunches and other events for clergy in Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Tidewater to provide a forum to discuss pastoral issues involving sexuality, inclusion, and related topics.  We're also eager to have events in other parts of Virginia as well! Just ask us!

Past lunches have addressed topics including responding to youth concerned about issues of sexuality, welcoming and ministering to families with members who are transgender, and the effects on families of the Supreme Court decisions in 2013 relating to marriage equality. 

Look for more information here about upcoming opportunities to learn and engage colleagues about these important issues to your congregation and community! 

Congregational Visits

commonwealth-baptist-church-alexandria-va.jpgInvite POFEV to visit!  We regularly visit congregations to preach, participate in worship, and provide programs.  If you would like POFEV to visit your congregation, please let us know!  Contact Robin Gorsline at robin.gorsline@pofev.org or our Contact Us link.

See our Congregational Visits page to find upcoming visits to congregations near you and to read about other recent visits and programs.

Recent Local Events

We love to help publicize events taking place in or being sponsored by faith communities and faith-based organizations across Virginia that help promote equality and understanding.  Below are short stories about past events.  If you have events that you would like us to help publicize, please let us know by sending us a message from our contact form here or calling Robin Gorsline at 804-519-3196.

Read more about recent events hosted by local faith communities in Virginia here.

POFEV Pride Events

It's getting to close to Pride season again, and POFEV is looking forward to participating and organizing Pride events again this year. 

See our Pride Festivals and Interfaith Services page to read more about POFEV's remarkable experiences at last year's Pride festivals and interfaith services! 

We've had great experiences meeting people from all over Virginia, blessing couples, and talking about Witness for LOVE!

POFEV (People of Faith for Equality in Virginia), P.O. Box 4919, Richmond, VA 23220 • www.facebook.com/pofev

email info@pofev.org